Did Lebron Ruin His Legacy By Joining the Lakers?

A Look at Lebron’s Decision to Head to La La Land

As a Lebron stan I hate that he signed with the Lakers.

He joined an unproven roster, with questionable management, and seems just as focused on passing the original Space Jam at the box office as he is in passing Jordan in rings.

He has left his legacy in the hands of Jeanie Buss, Magic Johnson, and Rob “PCP” Pelinka. None of these characters seem to have any idea of how to run a basketball team.

Jeanie Buss is too busy hanging out with wolves and blaming the Fake News Media for the Lakers’ struggles to hire proper basketball executives.

Magic Johnson, is too busy tweeting about what Lady Gaga is wearing to the Oscars, to bother getting Lebron a second star.

And Rob “PCP” Pelinka is too busy spewing absurd quotes that make absolutely no sense to do, well, whatever it is that Rob Pelinka is supposed to be doing.

Why then, did Lebron decide to hitch his wagon to this bizarro circus clown show act.

There seems to be no straight answer.

Back in February, when it became clear that *shocker* Magic and PCPelinka were not going to land Anthony Davis before the trade deadline, Lebron said, “there’s nothing I need to get in this league that I don’t already have. Everything else for me is just icing on the cake…But there’s nothing I’m chasing or feel like I need to end my career on.”


Bro, what?

*Stephen A. Smith Voice* HOWEVVAAA, In August of 2016 after he beat the Pre-Snake Durant Warriors to clinch his 3rd title Lebron told Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins that, “My motivation, is this ghost I’m chasing. The ghost played in Chicago.”


You gotta love the classic Lebron corniness with that quote too. He couldn’t just say, “Hey, I am trying to become the best player ever. If I win a couple more rings I feel like I am gona be right there with Jordan.”

Sometimes, Lebron makes it so hard to stan him but I have some theories about why Lebron comes off as so try-hard and corny that I will get into at a latter date.

Back to the issue at hand. What changed with Lebron’s mindset?

How does he go from trying to lock-up GOAT status to spewing this “it’s all gravy at this point” nonsense?

Did JR Spliff really murder this guys’ mental that bad in Game 1 of last year’s final.

Since his “chasing the ghost of Jordan quote”, Lebron has lost two Finals in a row, but even his harshest critics did not seem to count these losses against his legacy all that much.

There are the usual morons who throw out “3-6” as if it would have been better for Lebron’s legacy if he had lost in the Eastern Conference Finals rather than the Finals. But most people recognized that Snake Durant stacked the deck and #RUINEDTHENBA and that Lebron did all he could in the face of the best team ever.

So with Lebron entering free agency in the Summer of 2018 his shot at the GOAT title remained very much in play. This is why his decision to join the Lakers is so confusing.

Let’s say Lebron had melted down in the past two Finals, as he did in the 2011 Finals against the Mavs. In that alternate reality, then yeah Lebron go join the Lakers, make stupid TV shows in barbershops with 2Chainz that nobody watches, and just give up on basketball altogether.

But with 3-4 LEBRON seasons left, where he still is considered as a top 1-5 player in the league and has/had? a legit chance at racking up a few more rings, his big chess move was to join…Lonzo Ball…Brandon Ingram…and Kyle Kuzma?

And to make matters worse, after landing Lebron, Magic and PCP Pelinka decided to head on an expedition to the Island of Misfit Toys and come back with Rajon Rondo, Michael Beasley, Lance Stephenson, and Javale McGee in tow. To this day, it remains a mystery as to how Nick Young did not make it off the Island of Misfit Toys with the rest of these bozos.

The Meme Team, The Tune Squad, whatever you want to call them, this Lakers roster is an absolute train-wreck, the only saving grace being that they were all signed to 1 year deals.

What really worries me beyond the signings themselves, is the justification that Magic gave for them. It would be one thing if Magic came out and said, “Look, we thought we were getting Paul George, we didn’t, and we had to scramble and make-do with what was left on the market.”

Instead, an article written by Brian Windhorst and Ramona Shelburne on July 5th, describes that, “What Johnson pitched to James was a team stocked with tough-minded playmakers like Stephenson and Rondo who could free up James to finish in the lanes and from the post, rather than having to create the lion’s share of the offense himself.”

The idea of taking some of the offensive playmaking-pressure off Lebron is sound (Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving) but shooters give playmakers the space to create.

Rondo, and Lance are not exactly Kyle Korver and Ray Allen.

All of this is made worse by the fact that there was an alternate option on the table for Lebron that would have been far superior in every single way from a basketball sense. Join Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid with the 76ers.

Lebron could have went vampire mode and latched onto Simmons and Embiid, let them do the heavy-lifting during the regular season for the next few years, been the favorite to come out of the East until he retired, gotten 2-3 more rings, and retired with a rock-solid case for being the GOAT.

So why didn’t Lebron go to the Sixers?


What…the fuck…is that?

That is Rich Paul, Lebron’s friend and trusted confidante walking us through the sage wisdom/expert advice he gifted to Lebron last summer when Lebron was trying to decide where to play.

Newsflash Mr. Paul: If Lebron joined the Sixers there was going to be no “lose 10 games in a row.” Ben Simmons is a client of Rich Paul’s Klutch Sports Agency but is it possible that Paul does not know a single other player who plays for the Sixers?

With Einsteins like this in Lebron’s inner circle is it any wonder that he has found himself in this shitshow of a situation in Los Angeles?

In that clip from Lebron’s hit TV show, “Lebron and Friends Sit In a Circle and Talk About Stuff” it is clear that Lebron was not dead-set on joining the Lakers. He asked Paul, and presumably Maverick Carter “Are you guys sure about this?”

The time has come for Lebron and the Lakers to, as Paul says, “figure this shit out.”

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